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Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung, Linz
Abteilung für Mediengestaltung Lehramt
Lecturer: Andreas Pirchner
Summer semester 2019

Structure / Quick overview

Introduction to Creative Programming in p5.js

Lecture 1 (12.03.2019): Basics and visuals(5,5h)
What is Creative Programming – Setup Browser-Sketch with HTML, CSS, JS – Testsetup with node.js – Basic concepts: variables, recursion, branching

Lecture 2 (15.03.2019): Interaction and sensors(5,5h)
Touch gestures – Reading sensor data

Lecture 3 (12.04.2019): Sound (5h,5)
preloading sounds – synthesize sounds – using mic-input for visuals

Lecture 4 (10.05.2019): 3D, Augmented Reality
libraries – Working on final project (4,5h)


This course offers an introduction to p5.js and a framework that allows to develop basic mobile browser apps. Techniques an strategies are presented in an art-related context and supported by examples from artistic practices.
Exercises and realizing own ideas help comprehending the presented concepts.